M I C A H  5:4

Jesus is our example in every way. If even Jesus received His strength from the Father, what makes me think I can do anything by my own power?

I must always ask the Lord to guide me and to give me everything I need for what He calls me to do tomorrow. 

The next part of this verse speaks of Jesus’ flock i.e. His followers. They will remain because of His greatness. To remain simply means to continue to exist. That is intense. To follow Jesus is to continue to exist, to live, to be. I could read into what it means to exist and go down a complex path of psychology and philosophy but I’d rather keep this short and besides, that is not my focus. 

Jesus truly is our only way to the Father, our Creator, and so also our great role model. 

Lord, help me to continue to be more like You every day. Do what it takes, for I know the trial is a mere breath compared to the everlasting gift of Your presence. Give me Your strength. Amen. 


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