P S A L M  93:4

“More than the sounds of many waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty.”

This is not just beautiful poetry, it is also a reminder that God is powerful.

A raging ocean is scary. Imagine the massive waves crashing over a boat. It has the power to completely destroy anything in its wake. It’s hard to imagine a being that is mightier than the ocean. It could only be the One who created the ocean. 

I always need to be reminded that God is mighty but I need to be reminded even more that God loves me. If He loves me then He desires only good for me. 

I am so glad that the Creator of the universe wants the best for me. I am so glad He is on my side. I am so thankful that He looks out for me.

I am also thankful He is not human. And so, I need to stop thinking of Him as an imperfect, fragile, mortal being. It’s easy to question the things that happen on this earth and blame God or even judge God. But as soon as I remember that He is God and not human, my perspective gets put back to where it belongs…looking up at a massive towering wave knowing it has the power to speak me out of existence. 
This week I am going to try and focus on the glory that is God every time I start thinking poorly of myself, knowing that the Lord loves me. And that is enough. 


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