P R O V E R B S  27:6

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.

សុភាសិត ២៧:៦

ពាក្យស្ដីបន្ទោសរបស់មិត្តសម្លាញ់ ផុសចេញពីចិត្តភក្ដី‌ភាព រីឯពាក្យស្និទ្ធ‌ស្នាលរបស់សត្រូវ ផុសចេញពីចិត្តបោកបញ្ឆោត។

This is such a great reminder that, sometimes, the people who love and care about me the most, are the ones who sometimes hurt me.  A better way to say that is “hurt my ego”.

I am prideful.  I have learned that I will be saying this the rest of my life. You think you are humble?  Or that you have the “pride” issue under control.  Wait for the next time your friend says something like, “Maybe you shouldn’t have done that in the way you did” or “You are wrong”.  That one’s the worst.  Your reaction to reprimand reveals rebellion.  (Alliteration points, woop.)

How you respond to correction from a close friend is actually how you are responding to God…is it with a rebellious heart or a grateful one?

I am working on receiving correction with a smile this week.  Ha.  This should be good…

But seriously…God help me.  :)


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